Black Forest Saddle Club
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Our Mission

The Black Forest Saddle Club strives to provide a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere where families and friends can gather together for horse shows, gymkhanas, clinics, trail rides, and good old fashioned socializing!

About Us

The club is beautifully located in the Black Forest, just north of Colorado Springs, where you can enjoy the outdoors and a great view of Pikes Peak and the Front Range.

Due to previous fire danger, there will be no smoking permitted.

2022 Summer Series


Speed Daily High Point
Performance Daily High Point

Facilities Rental

If you would like to host an event at the Saddle Club, the facility is available for rent. Please contact us for available dates and details.

Have Kids?

As a family-friendly venue, we do not permit the use of any alcohol or tobacco on our grounds.

Membership Options

Family Membership- $104.09 per season

Single Rider Membership- $52.04 per season

Arena Use

The arena is open year round for unlimited use – trainers welcome.
The annual fee for use of the arena is $50 per person; $75 per family.
Trainers & their students are required to pay $50 each for the year.
The arena application & the liability release form must be signed & returned along with the entire fee prior to using the arena.

2021 Award Winners

Jeanne Forrest | Linda Parillo | Mayzie Hamilton | Bonnie Wojo | Calista Boyer | Sandy Haugen | Alan Johnson | Jessica Wasinger | Michael Schiller | Sarah Bonati | Brooklyn Loparco | Diana Malekow | John Parillo | Evelyn Kronlage | Kempton Ellis | Melissa Johnson | Autumn Haugen | Doris Seymour | Ryley Bradford | Paisley Davis | Brielle Davis | Addie Seymour | Taylor Gordon | Skyler Whaley | Dallis Bradford | Maggie Mulloy | Clara Holland | Anna Frailey | Jameson Davis | Channing Davis | Kaitlyn Tullberg | Shauna Whaley | Heather Harding | Lori Dilisio

Summer Series


From April through October, the BFSC holds a Summer Series for equestrians and their horses of all breeds, ages, and skill levels to compete in a friendly environment. The Summer Buckle Series consists of Monthly Performance Shows (Saturday) and Monthly Speed Shows (Sunday).

There are no upcoming events at this time.